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Startup Mentor is one of the leading Startup Consultants in India which started its journey in 2014 with a vision to lead businesses towards success and growth.

Are self-doubts and anticipation of future complications holding you back from starting a business? Do you need consultants for business plans? Are you thinking about how to diversify into a different sector or how to and where to expand?

We provide mentorship for start-ups alongside mentoring on and providing solutions for issues related to diversification, scale-up, acquisition, merger or investment. Girija Nair, founder/CEO of  Startup Mentor, is a successful and reputed business consultant online.

  • She graduated from Mumbai university (physics and electronics instrumentation)
  • She completed her masters in computer science and diploma in business management
  • She has certifications (distinction) from University of Pennsylvania for Analytics
  • She is a certified Business strategist from Copenhagen school of business
  • She has worked with brands, such as Reliance-Retail, Reliance-Infocom, Reliance-Energy, Naaptol, Philips, Vodafone, Cadilla, Serco, Datapro etc.
  • She is the co-founder of Careerfutura.com
  • She is the founder & ceo of kindlecareer.com
  • Global consultant with GLG and Merger Alpha

This list of achievements attests to Ms. Nair’s acumen and her competence in mentoring any type of business towards success, profit, growth or expansion.

At Startup Mentor, we also ensure that you are guided by experienced and competent guest business mentors who are from different fields of profession. They competently managed the senior-most designations of various organizations and have successfully run businesses.

Why Businesses Need Consultation?

If you want to successfully run a business, want to achieve more growth, want to expand or merge, then you need the support of experienced, dedicated and reliable business startup consultant. You can find them through Startup Mentors.

With the support of an experienced business advisor for Startup or any other type of venture, you can –

  • Gain more business knowledge
  • Optimize the business performance
  • Have better problem-solving abilities
  • Feel confident about your choices and decisions after developing analytical skills
  • Know how to successfully lead a team
  • Have a larger network of business contacts

Are you looking for dedicated and skilled business startup consultant?

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Every Business is BORN through that one moment of initiation. Share that moment with us. We will make a SUCCESSFUL business through our excellent network of business coaches and business mentors.The objective being to scale up. Scaling up of a business is crucial and critical to consolidate the position of the business. Scaling up is altogether a different path which comes with its own challenges. Mentoring by business management consultants saves your time, money and passion for the best times to come. Mentoring you through the blueprint of the plan, the validation from an execution point of view.

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India Entry Services

India has emerged as the second largest Emerging market after China. FDI rose to 13% in 2020 in spite of the worst conditions such as the pandemic. The opportunity to tap the market for market share or create a zone of economical production hub cannot be missed. We thus believe the timing is right and we are more than equipped to help you with crucial services like identifying potential partners and empower decision making process with the best of business intelligence, Go to Market Strategy, Budgets & Risk assessment , Financial planning and Business plans, Legal advisory & compliance expertise.

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Long years of being stuck in the same field of business can at times become monotonous. It is always healthy to diversify into other areas of business where the returns are much attractive, while maintaining the current ongoing business. With now verticals going micro, diversifying into those micro verticals of your forte makes you a natural leader of the vertical. Get to know what, how, where and when with us. Latest sunrise verticals, challenges, risks and returns of diverse areas are some of the information we share with you. Diversify with us, safely and successfully.

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Adapt Relook & Diversify



Incubation for startups is the single most valuable tool, which provides all help to convert an idea to business. We are affiliated to a Government of India funded Incubation centre, which by itself is an institution. We are also affiliated to privately owned and operated Incubation centres, in India. Vital tools like infrastructure, technology, mentors, fund opportunities are all readily available under one roof. If your idea is powerful enough to get incubated, talk to us.Startup Incubators

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