Girija Nair

    • Chief Startup Strategist
    • Copenhagen School of Business
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • ICFAI
    • University of Mumbai
    21 years of Corporate employment and 9 years of startup Cofounding and founding experience, puts Girija on top of Startup Mentoring

Barun Anand Modi

    • Digital Marvel
    • Google Adwords Certified
    • Manipal Institute of Technology(Sikkim)
    10 years of Web development and Digital Marketing experience in different Sectors puts Barun in a position of digital power

Priyanka Pillai

    • Process & Data Specialist
    • University of Melbourne
    • D Y P U
    • A budding Bioinformatics professional with 1.5 years of experience in Technology with top brands of Australia, puts Priyanka in a position of professional and out of the box perspective about startups