Girija Nair

    Chief Startup Strategist
    Copenhagen School of Business
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Mumbai
    21 years of Corporate employment and 9 years of startup Cofounding and founding experience, puts Girija on top of Startup Mentoring

Barun Anand Modi

    Digital Marvel
    Google Adwords Certified
    Manipal Institute of Technology(Sikkim)
    10 years of Web development and Digital Marketing experience in different Sectors puts Barun in a position of digital power

Vidit Mohan

    Process & Data Specialist
    Indian Institute of Management, Raipur
    Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology
    A budding Alumini of IIM-R, with 1.5 years of experience in niche areas with top brands, puts Vidit in a position of fresh and dynamic perspective about startups